How to Create a Spreadsheet in Excel

You might have heard a lot about Microsoft Excel software or seen financial or business analysts working on the same making you think that it’s a tough thing to conquer. Well, if you think so it is absolutely wrong even you can be the master of Excel by using Microsoft Support or referring to our online Blog posts along with some self-practice.

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet software across the world. You need to have a Microsoft Excel software license or if you are a new user you can download Excel software – trial version for a limited period along with a Computer running Microsoft Windows. We will be using Microsoft Excel 2016 version for this post.

So, are you ready to create your first Spreadsheet?

Now let us begin our tutorial for step by step activities involved in the process. Firstly, you need to open the Microsoft Excel Application from the start menu or you can even type command excel.exe in the Windows Run menu which can be enabled by pressing Windows key + R

Refer below images

You will observe that Excel application is starting up for use and you will get the welcome screen displaying different workbook templates.

You need to select Blank Workbook from the available templates and you will observe a blank spreadsheet with Columns and Rows defined.

Columns are labelled with capital letters A, B, C, D and so on (Refer red box in below image) whereas Rows are labelled with numeric 1,2,3,4 and so on (Refer Green box in below image) till last limit of the spreadsheet.

Refer below image

The empty space seperated by grid lines are called as Cells. Each cell is uniquely identified by its address consisting of Column Name and Row Number. The first cell in spreadsheet is identified as A1 where in A represents Column A and 1 represents Row 1. Similarly, in the above image highlighted cell will be termed as E8. You can also refer the cell address of any cell by selecting it and refering the field above column A.

If you want to create another spreadsheet then you need to click on File menu and select New from the menu. You will get the same Welcome Template screen from where you can select the Blank Workbook or desired template.

Refer below image

On the upper side of the spreadsheet you are provided with a Toolbar having various tabs such as Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review and View. Each Tabs are further divided into Groups. Each Group has it’s own set of buttons required for different features.

Refer image below

Check the first group in Home tab – Name of Group is Clipboard and it contains tools such as Paste, Cut, Copy and Format Painter. Similarly, other tabs have their own set of groups and functionalities.

Now let us proceed with entering some data on our newly created spreadsheet.

You can prepare your grade sheet on Excel. Type in Name at Cell A1, DOB – Cell B1, Class – Cell C1.

Mention your name, date of birth, class in cells A2, B2, C2 respectively. Now in Cell A5 type Subjects followed by subject Names from Cell A6:A9. Enter the heading as First Sem, Mid Sem, Final Exam in cells B5, C5, D5 respectively. Enter Marks in cell range B6:D9 for each term exams.

Refer below image

You can observe that some of the text (Subject Names) is overlapping to column B. So, in this case you need to increase the column width by simply dragging the line between Column A and B.

Refer below image

Now if you want to total your marks enter below command in the cell B10


This will add up all the values in defined cell. Similarly write command in Cell C10 ( =C6+C7+C8+C9) and D10 ( =D6+D7+D8+D9) to get total of each term exams.

Refer below image

So, you prepared your first spreadsheet and now you need to give a name to your spreadsheet and save it on your computer. Click on the File tab and select Save As. You will observe the screen showing options to save it in One Drive or on your local PC marked as This PC. Select the option of This PC and desired folder to save file, give your file a name such as My First Spreadsheet and click on Save.

Refer below image

The name of your spreadsheet will appear on the top of the Toolbar (Highlighted).

So now you are Ready with your first Spreadsheet!!

Hope you understand the process now and do not forget to try out yourself for sample case as described in the post.

Please comment for any queries you have or any valuable suggestions.

Happy Learning!

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