Excel VBA Automation Consultants with 7 Years of Experience

For the vast majority of tasks, we always give a fixed price.

Most projects take about 10 to 20 hours to perform at a price that fluctuates correspondingly
between $ 700 and $ 1,300.

This equates to an average hourly rate of $ 67 and is a very competitive price on the market.

We usually deliver within 2 weeks, but if your project is about an urgent matter, we can of course deliver faster with a smaller “rush fee”.

How can we be so much cheaper than others?

We can offer a competitive hourly rate because we are a team of people from different ends of the globe at various stages of the VBA knowledge. With such a structure, we can both offer new consultants experience with VBA programming while we can offer better prices to our customers.

This never compromises the quality of the final product, as we have people with several years of experience who quality assure all work and put a final touch on the project. To this end, it is also in the last stage that our senior consultants provide proper documentation directly in the VBA coding, which ensures easy-to-access coding support – even if at some point you want to program yourself or hire one of our competitors to further develop the product.

We can create a complete spreadsheet solution for your business.

We’re expert in automating current manual processes and turning complex spreadsheets and VBA issues into simplified solutions.